Maria Chiara Petrone


"It's not the titles both professional and familiar that make a man what he is but his actions and his passion."


Maria Chiara Petrone

personalities in TV and Show business and corporate.


Management TV & Show

Professional management for famous and entrepreneurial personalities, we will transform your figure into a successful figure.

Personal Management

Thanks to our influencers we will build the image of your company.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing with influencer and brand ambassador.

Digital Communication

We make your business more effective online.

Direct Marketing

More direct, more intimate communication. We reach a target of defined users.

Press Offices

We put the spotlight on your company events, using our important media partners.

Business Scouting

We expand your client portfolio, through relational marketing strategies built on the peculiarity of the products or services sold.


We expand your sales network also abroad, researching and managing your potential customers.

Event Management

We manage your events.
Events represent a lever of direct communication, face to face, transmitting in an innovative way the image of your brand.


Business Scouting

To find new clients, to identify high revenue markets

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